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When can I use the tub again?

  Bathtub refinishing of a tiled-in bathtub will take a minimum of 3-5 hours, where most of the time is used in thorough cleaning; all caulking, hard water film, drain and over flow tripper are removed (when possible), then in addition to chemical etching, sanding by hand is performed after chipped areas are filled.

  If you have an old home and the drain spud has never been removed and replaced ... a plumber should be contracted to remove it.

Most of the time I remove the chrome drain spud, however sometimes it is necessary to contract a licensed plumber, when the shoe(under tub) has not been set in concrete.

  I would be happy to give my opinion on that matter with your free estimate.

                Cutting corners in these preparations mean problems down the road!

To protect the wall from humidity in back of the tile, the refinisher will re-caulk the borders of the tub. This service is always included in the price.

The coating materials used dictate how soon you can use the tub after it has been refinished. The curing (drying) time is usually 24 hours from the completion of the job.

Do you install Real Porcelain on my tub?

                 Real porcelain/enamel is fired on in a kiln/oven, and CANNOT be applied on the bathtub in a home!

Some bathtub refinishers give their paints fancy names, such as "Liquid Porcelain", "Porclynite", etc..suggesting that you will get real porcelain finish on your tub. The refinishing of a bathtub is same as painting a bathtub only with special paints.

Through my years of testing and research, I have come to prefer a catalytic high-grade poly-urethane  with  its  hardness  and  shine  outlasting  all  other materials used  in bathtub refinishing. It is more difficult to apply and it costs more, but I have had no problems with discoloration, cracking or chalking, etc.

To ensure a lasting strong finish, I choose not to use "speeders" in my material to chemically cure it in a shorter period of time, as this process tends to make the finish more brittle.

No matter how superior or expensive products are used, they will not last if the preparations are done "hap hazardly", or the surface is physically abused.

Are shower doors with rails a problem ?

The only way to refinish the tub correctly is to remove all hardware before spraying. (The same way you would remove the cover plates on electrical outlets when painting a wall). If the hardware is not removed, hairline seams are created, and moisture problems may develop.

This is also a good time to thoroughly scrub the shower doors and rails of the accumulated hard water film & soap scum build-up in those hard to clean areas. Most of my customers have done this task out doors, while I worked on their bathtub.

The drain and over flow tripper are old and oxidized.

I will extract the drain if possible, and over flow tripper. You may elect to have a licensed plumber do the job. Your best bet.

I can install the new hardware the following morning when I return to re-caulk the borders of your tub.

Can my old sink and toilet be refinished?

To do the work right, the drain and faucets must be removed. We recommend that you replace these fixtures with new ones, since there is no tearing of tiles involved, as there would be when replacing a built-in bathtub.

Can the color of my bathtub be changed?

The bathroom fixtures can be refinished in any color, and you are not restricted to standard colors of the past. A professional refinisher can match any shade, or create a custom color for you. The colors are mixed right in your home by adding pigments to the base colors.

Can the Tile Walls be refinished also?

Yes, tile walls can be refinished successfully, and since the grout lines are also sprayed, mildew problems in them will practically be eliminated. Also, only the tile trims and soap dish, towel bars and toilet paper holder can be refinished to change the color decor in your bathroom.

My bathtub was refinished before, and now I want it done in another color to match my new sink and toilet?

Before the bathtub can be refinished a second time, all the old paint must be removed thoroughly either by the homeowner (to save money) or the refinisher. Then the same steps are followed as in a standard refinishing job.

Other bathroom repairs and remodeling--  before or after the refinishing?

Any work to be done in the bathroom should be completed before you have your tub refinished. The refinisher will cover all the surrounding areas of the tub with plastics and papers before spraying. He will of-course clean everything upon completion of his work.

What preparations are needed before the refinishing?

After you have made an appointment to have your tub refinished, and before the refinisher arrives, you should clear the bathroom of removable objects, such as the shower curtain, mats and towels, bottles and decorations. Then vacuum the bathroom well making it dust free.

Fix your drippy faucets !!!

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